What is the BrainHeart Beat?

Trish Szymanski is a multi-genre artist whose word includes
Performance, as actor/director, singer, singer/songwriter, musician, performance artist
Installed work, as conceptual innovator
Music, as songwriter, singer, percussionist
Writing, as published and constant writer of nonfiction and fiction, poetry, script, essay.


To Catch a Thief.  Supporting role.  Lions TV


A Legend of Communipaw.  Director.  2013.  In production.

The Vagina Monologues.  Monologue:I Was There In The Room.  2012 The Theater Company

A Night at the Paradise Burlesque.  2011.  Parlour Productions

Open Mic Series.  Emcee host, music and poetry performance.  Since May 2010.  Uptown Crew

Galileo, the Musical.  Senator/Clergyman, ensemble.  _gaia productions, @Planet Connections

Dramatic Reading Series.  Producer, Director.  Uptown Crew

Dramatic Reading Series, Edgar Allen Poe.  Reader-Actor.  Uptown Crew

Washout.  Elaine.
_gaia productions @Art House Productions.
_gaia productions @Mile Square Theater

Dramatic Reading Series, Washington Irving.  Reader-Actor.  Uptown Crew

Late Nite Curiosities.  Various original acts:  Baby Wipes, The High Roller.  Art House Productions

Flora Dora Girls Weekly Sewing Circle.  Mamma Pollynose.
_gaia productions @ Hoboken Historic Museum.
_gaia productions @ Mile Square Theater

Watermelon.  Control.  Hudson County One-Act Festival, Debaun Auditorium

Even the Queen.  Karen.  Pantheon Theater

Gallatin Arts Festival.  Shellie (actor and writer).  The Public Theater

The Happy Prince.  Citizen 3.  NYU Opera Theater Workshop

Work.  Worker.  NYU Gallatin Actors Workshop


Erik-Anders Nilsson, Acting, Jersey City Acting Collective

Christine Goodman, Acting, Art House Productions

Judith Sloan, Character Development and Scene Study, New York University

Helaine Relles, Voice

Specials Skills

Bicycling, Singing, Cooking